“Be grateful, Juan Pablo. Today is especially delicious.”

Hey! Did you hear? I am in Guatemala.
-Eating carne asada for 5 days in a row.
-Paintballing in a jungle.
-Hiking in the jungle.
-Ziplining through the jungle.
-Saying ‘jungle’.
-Mayan ruins (and seeing where they play that death ball game where the loser get sacrificed. Fun, yeah?).
-Foreign grocery shopping (always a favorite of mine).
-Frijoles y fried plantains
-The temple
-Cold showers
-Humidity. This Colorado girl likes to breath air, not water.
-People thinking I am 15, tops.
-Only remembering Russian phrases when people try to talk to me in Spanish.

I’m getting a leg up on the Espanol before the MTC. I’ve learned important words like zapatos, perro, tambien, pollo, y buen provecho. I’m practically fluent.

Unfortunately, Dumples and I left our camera at a friend’s house in Guatemala City so I can’t post pictures. But, fear not. There will be plenty of pictures for you to not care about that I’ll post later.

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