Wild and Weird Wednesday: Internet Games Edition

The nature of my job sometimes leaves me with ample time to scour the internet for fun and worthless games. I play them while appellants fill out appeals. I play them while people on the phone insist on telling me every event that occurred leading up to them getting cited, even including what they ate for breakfast that day. Sometimes, I play them to break up a large batch of filing. Whatever the occasion may be to play them, I have built up quite a store of internet games. Enjoy (and don’t blame me when you are fired for being an inefficient worker)!
Sugar, Sugar: Fill the cup with sugar.
Clockbusters I & II (I played this game for hours until I finally named every movie). – Guess the movie title using the pictures.
Match The Assault Arrestee With Their Alleged Weapon – Yep, that’s what you do.
Flabby Physics – Use the bouncy shapes to make the ball hit the star.
Record Tripping – Click and scroll to accomplish tasks.
Epic Coaster – Don’t let the roller coaster crash.
Guess the Google Guess what the Google search phrase was based on the picture results it yielded.
Keep Your Mouse Safe – From a Japanese guy. I don’t really get it.

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One Response to Wild and Weird Wednesday: Internet Games Edition

  1. Rachel Dell says:

    admittedly i play angry birds for google chrome for hours on end. it’s becoming my addiction. but i only do it at work so i guess it’s not so bad.


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