“Well, I met you at the blood bank.”

I stopped going to donate plasma for a while because I was so busy with school, but I went back today so I could have some extra cash when I go to Guatemala next week. I was feeling fine, but near the end, I started to feel really sick. My vision began to black out, I felt light-headed, and I was afraid I would throw up. I weakly raised my hand and told a worker that I wasn’t feeling very well. He quickly started fanning me, and called several other workers over. They put ice packs on my neck and chest, raised my feet, and gave me water to drink. I told them I was feeling nauseated and one guy grabbed a plastic bag and put it under my chin, just in time, I might add. I kept apologizing (I’m sure it isn’t pleasant to watch people throw up), but they all said not to worry about it; it happens all the time.
When I was feeling better, all the workers but one, the guy who grabbed the plastic bag, left. He stayed and talked to me while I finished my donation. He noticed I was reading A Train to Potevka, and told me he had met the author at Costco. The conversation turned to my fascination with Russian history, and he told me about his favorite parts of the book. Sometime in the conversation, I looked down and realized his hand had been on my knee for several minutes.
He asked me what I was studying and I told him.
“So, do you want to teach high school, or college, or what?”
“Middle school or high school,” I responded. “I don’t want to be in school long enough the be qualified to teach college.”
“You’re going to be that one teacher that every guy wants to take a class from because you’re young and pretty. All the kids will be like, ‘Take a class from this teacher. She’s hot.'”
Wait, what? Was he flirting with me?
We talked for a few more minutes before I finally got the needle out of my arm and could leave. He smiled at me as I walked out and said he hoped he saw me again soon. Apparently, throwing up is really attractive.

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4 Responses to “Well, I met you at the blood bank.”

  1. C. says:

    Dear Vodka,

    Return at once and get his number, either from him or well meaning friends. A boy who doesn’t mind one at one’s most embarrassing is not to be wasted. Dinner isn’t going to buy itself, you know.



  2. Rachel Dell says:

    dude! was he attractive? this is what you get for going on a mission little lady. the boys just come out of the wood work. oh and since when are you going to Guatemala? super cool


  3. Sav says:

    I would just like to point out the fact that (ahem) we TOTALLY predicted, correctly, that the second you had your mission call all the boys suddenly realize how awesome you are and trip over themselves to fall madly in like with you. Ha! Rad. That being said, I concur with C. that you should arrange some sort of outing or free meal immediately. Guatemala, huh? Funnn.


  4. Hilary says:

    JESS! Was he cute?! You must go back! That is theeeeeee best story I’ve heard in so long. And I love that it fits Bon Iver perfectly. AND I didn’t know you were in Guatemala! Hope you’re having fun!!


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