Can you hear me now? Good.

Yesterday, a man stormed into the office and walked right up to my desk.
“I need this ticket voided!” he demanded.
I took the ticket from his hand without saying anything and looked it up in the system.
“You see, I appealed the ticket, but I also registered my car the same day which means that this no-registration ticket should be voided automatically and I was told that when I came into this very office the other day and…” he complained. I did my best to tune him out so I could actually look into his situation and see what was going on.
I quickly realized that he had been, in fact, eligible for a void. But instead of waiting for the void to go through, he appealed his ticket, and appeals override voids. His informative appeal (made of one sentence: “I am appealing this ticket.”) didn’t give Harry much to go off of, so he had reduced the ticket to $17. When I went to ask Harry if he was willing to give the man the void, instead of upholding the appeal fee, he kindly agreed to give the man the void, noting that if the man had been hoping for an auto-void, he probably should have found room to include that in his one sentence appeal.
I walked back out to my desk, sat down, and said “You’re eligible for an auto-void so I went ahead and took care of this. You’re good to go.”
Unfortunately, the man was so caught up in his own thunder than he neglected to hear what I was telling him.
“You see, I got this email saying that the ticket had been reduced, but then I was like ‘No, it should have been voided’, so I came back here, because I was told at this very desk that if I registered my car the same day that I wouldn’t have the ticket anymore.”
“Yes, and the ticket was voided.” I told him.
‘Well, let me show you the email I got because I got it, but then I really think that I should get a void because I don’t think that I should have to pay for this ticket because I registered my car the same day so it really isn’t fair.”
“I understand. Your ticket was voided. It is taken care of. It has been cancelled.”
“But there was this email, here, let me show it to you…” he said as he shoved his iPhone into my face.”…and because I registered my car I just don’t think that this ticket should be valid and I really need it taken off my account because I don’t deserve it. Don’t you understand?!”
“Yes. Sir, I voided the ticket. It is gone. Cancelled. Invalidated. Nullified. No longer valid. Charge taken off your account. Done away with. You’re good to go.”
“I want to make sure that I don’t get charged for this or have it go onto my financial account because I really shouldn’t get charged for it because I registered my car the same day…”
I didn’t even bother to say anything to him. I sat and listened until he got all of the whining and complaining and ranting out of his system.
“Do you see? Do you get it?!” he concluded.
“Yes, sir. Your ticket has been voided.”
“It has? Oh, so I can go then? It’s not on my account anymore?”
“No, it was voided.”
“Oh, okay. Goodbye.”

Maybe if I start talking to appellants through Verizon phones, they would understand what I was saying.

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4 Responses to Can you hear me now? Good.

  1. Sav says:

    Wow, it’s just enough to make you crazy! You have so much more restraint than I – I applaud you.


  2. Sav says:

    PS – this post needs to go in the “Best of Parking” section.


  3. Katie says:

    Wow, this is ridiculous. But I have to admit, I love your parking office stories. More please.


  4. Rachel Dell says:

    oh man, people are funny/annoying. this happens way more than it should in my office too. lame-o’s.


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