Mona Lisa Smile

Guys, I am so close to being done with my capstone paper…20 pages of pure, unadulterated Soviet. Fun to research; not fun to write. But, being so close obviously means that it is time to NOT just finish it and be done, but to do something completely unrelated and unproductive. Like writing this post.
Last night (when I was also not working on my paper. Give me a break; it was a Friday night.) I decided to finally photograph my art. Unfortunately, I was not wise enough to do this sooner so when my parents basement flooded a couple of years ago, all of my high school art was reduced to moldy, painty pulp. I salvaged what I could and might include a couple of pictures of what I saved. Since I have all these new pictures now, I thought I’d share some of them with you. Enjoy (and don’t laugh. Unless I tell you to. This blog needs an “Applause” sign like on talk shows).

Okay, this one you can laugh at. Long story short, in my 2-D Design class this term, we spent 4 hours making pictures using India ink and random objects brought from home (mine included a Styrofoam bowl, rubberband, plastic fork, and bobbypins). This one was supposed to be a picture of someone close to us, and included some kind of symbol that represented that person. So, this is my mom. With flowers for eyebrows because she likes gardening, and she is lovely, like unto a flower. Wierd assignment, right? Don’t judge me. I only had 5 minutes.

My house! Frankly, I altered the architecture a bit so I would have to do less, but really, what kind of a house needs so many windows, anyway?

This assignment was another weird one. You’re probably looking at that thinking, “What is that? Cinderella’s castle? St. Basil’s gone wrong? I don’t know. I don’t know.” It’s actually “The Court Jester: Higher Education for Aspiring Jugglers.” Don’t ask. I wasn’t the one that made up the assignment. A few friends stopped by while I was making it though, and said they thought it looked kind of like a temple. But also Disneyland. We decided that that is probably what the Anaheim, CA mission home looks like. I think I’ll bring it along as a gift to my mission president when I get there. He’ll love it. I just know.

Time to play “Guess what this is a picture of!”:
A)my adorably nephew
B)the Gerber baby
If you answered any of the above, you’re probably right. NOT that I am saying Baby looks like Chucky. He doesn’t. This was supposed to be Baby, but something went wrong. Granted, this portrait is made out of spray painted newspaper. He’s cuter in person; I promise. Look, here is my source image, even.

Isn’t he perfect?
Ugh, moving on…

My favorite piece from my drawing class last fall. Probably because it was the only assignment where I wasn’t drawing anything. Just lines. I do like lines.

Final project for my drawing class. Not too shabby, but again, weird. What is with art professors making us make weird art. This is a tea cup, a Styrofoam cup, crumpled paper, some rocks, and some eggs sitting on a cardboard box. Why? Why?! I don’t know.

A surviving high school project. The earth as a cube. I don’t really remember what the bigger meaning I was going for here was, but I do like the brush strokes.

I just like this one. Hopefully the picture doesn’t show how trashed it is from that flood.

The first time I actually painted something that looked a little bit like it was supposed to. It was a big day in my life.

So, these are the ones that actually look not too horrible. If you are lucky, maybe I will post my real disasters. They are kind of terrible. In a “I’m not sure if that is a foot, or a horse, or a pumpkin” kind of way.

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2 Responses to Mona Lisa Smile

  1. Logan says:

    I love lines. Art should just be lines and squares. Mondrian, Albers, and Rothko know what I’m talking about.
    Needless to say, I loved your lines.


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