Wild and Weird Wednesday: Matroushka Me

Let’s face it: I miss Russia. A lot. I think about it everyday. I idealize the musky mix of smells from cigarettes, alchohol, car exhaust, and body odor. I long to eat borscht, boiled potatoes, pickled cabbage, and weird meat dishes whose previous animal form I can’t identify. I miss seeing solemn faces on the Metro attached to bodies wearing outrageous outfits.
So, whenever I see anything Russian themed, I think I need it. Right now. I want to Russify my life. And what’s more Russian than a matroushka doll (besides communism and vodka)? Nothing. That’s what.
I want this for my laundry:

And this carafe set for midnight drinks:

I could even overhaul my whole kitchen. I’d use these to make blini and borscht:

And then sit down to enjoy my meal with a glass of compote:

But if they’re leftovers, have no fear. There’s matroushka tupperware:
These would give me Russian supermodel eyebrows:
And if I ever broke anything, this fix-all duct tape would keep me feeling Soviet:
And I could carry a little bit of Russia with me on my key-chain:

They’re called Matroush-Keys! (I love a good word play.)
But, if I couldn’t have those keys, I’d take these luchador ones. Gotta love Nacho Libre:

Are you feeling Russian, yet? If you are, check out these anti-alcohol Soviet propaganda posters, and this chart detailing alcohol consumption.

На здоровье!

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One Response to Wild and Weird Wednesday: Matroushka Me

  1. Rachel Dell says:

    that chart doesn’t bode well for any of Europe, but most definitely Russia for the #1 spot since it’s so big. i love all the matroushka’s. Very Russian. if only i had gone with you girls…sad. 😦


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