“Gotta Have My Bowl”

In precisely one week from today, I have a 20-something page rough draft due. Total pages written to date: 0. That said, I am going to be a rather boring blogger for a while.
However, if I can leave you with one bit of advice before I go, it would be this.
Do not go HERE and watch THIS video.


If you do, make sure you read this afterwards:

Whenever my life seems grim, I will always be glad I have something better to do with my life than create conspiracy theories from terrible pop songs.

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2 Responses to “Gotta Have My Bowl”

  1. rachel dell says:

    probably my favorite thing of the day. mostly because i hate rebecca black and that stupid song of hers. i just hope the conspiracy theorist was jk’ing. if not then i think he might have a few problems. i’ll still laugh though. good luck with your pape (newsies reference for you).


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