Go ahead – Make my day

Sometimes, I get to deal with terribly awful people at work. Like the lady that called in yesterday. I was too mentally exhausted to write about her, but let me tell you, she was a piece of work. Interrupting, demanding, and apparently deaf: she had it all.
But other times, visitors restore my faith in humanity. Like the fellow that just left. He came to use to computer sitting on my counter to pay a ticket.
“How is your day?” he inquired.
“Too long.” I growled.
He proceeded to offer me an orange, help update the dying computer so it would run faster, asked me about my life, and told me about his. He was one of the most pleasant people I have ever met.
Before he left, he looked me straight in the eye and said, “Thanks for your help. Have a great day. You deserve it.”
He made my day. I am a fan of nice people.

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