Wild and Weird Wednesday: Websites Edition

*Okay, so I realize I may have forgotten to post this yesterday when it was actually Wednesday. I just like to keep you on your toes.
If you are like me and looove to waste time, then, boy, do I have some recommendations for you. These websites are completely useless, completely ridiculous, and complete time-wasters. So, when you go to bed tonight and realize you didn’t finish folding that load of laundry, didn’t call your grandpa on his birthday, didn’t go grocery shopping, and didn’t finish writing that paper, you can thank me. Although, I’d really prefer it if you didn’t.
First up, DearBlankPleaseBlank, where things/people write letters to other things/people. Example, “Dear Noah, We could have sworn you said the ark wasn’t leaving till 5. Sincerely, Unicorns.” Or “Dear icebergs, Sorry to hear about the global warming. Enjoy the Karma…Sincerely, the Titanic.” Or “Dear America,You produced Miley Cyrus. Bieber is your punishment. Sincerely, Canada.” (though, I don’t know why I like this one, being the Belieber I am.) Or “Dear Waldo, Please return my invisibility cloak ASAP. Sincerely, H. Potter.”
They’re fun, right?
Next, IfYouWatchItBackwards, which explains the reversed plots of movies or events. Like “If you watch Michael Jackson’s life backwards, its about a rich white man who slowly becomes a poor black child,” and “If you watch Remember the Titans backwards, it’s about Denzel Washington segregating a talented football team,” and “If you watch Snow White backwards, it’s about a woman’s abusive boyfriend giving her the Kiss of Death and forcing her to live with dwarfs.”
Website number three: AwkwardFamilyPhotos, showing you the very best of the very worst family photos. If you are disappointed with your most recent family photo shoot, this website is sure to make you feel better about it.
Fourth Entry: FlashByNight. It has lots of simple games that are too addicting to be healthy. Sometimes when I get an appellant on the phone that just won’t shut his trap, I pull up “Merge” (my favorite game on the website) and play until the person on the other end gets all his fury out.
Lastly, you get my very, very favorite one, YouAreNotAPhotographer. The introduction to the website says “Have you noticed how 50 girls you went to school with have set up shop as a “professional” photographer?” It’s funny because it is true.

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