Wild and Weird Wednesday: Unexpected Art

Hey, hey, hey! It’s a new week and a new Wild and Weird Wednesday!
As some of you know, I love art. Unfortunately, I’m not what you’d call … good … at it. I just wish I was. So, I have a special appreciation for art that doesn’t follow conventional standards. Works that aren’t simply paintings on a canvas (not that I don’t love those). Works that make me think that I can do art because I am creative and because not all art is drawing. And now, without further ado, I give you art-that-some-people-wouldn’t-classify-as-art art:

A bit belated for Easter: Peeps art. See all the entries here. I think I should enter this next year.

I wish there was some way to capture this in the moment. I think this is beautiful and really cool.
Interested in typography, anyone? Emperor Cuzco recommends this one.

Lourve worthy Barbies. The Klimt is my favorite.

Can you guess who this is? Can you guess who these are?

For those of you who are more culinarily inclined.

Have 100,00 carats of jewels and too much time on your hands? This could be fun.

Queen Latifah as Ursula? Penelope Cruz as Belle?

Princess Diana – – – in jelly beans.

By Tony Orrico, as of now my favorite artist. I want to try this so badly.
Do you disagree with me that this is all art? No worries. See all the real art you could ever imagine with Google’s Art Project.

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2 Responses to Wild and Weird Wednesday: Unexpected Art

  1. Rachel Dell says:

    here’s what i’m wondering: do you do stumble upon? because i wanna know how you get all these weird/cool things. i just discovered stumbleupon yesterday and it’s already changed my life. also, i guessed Obama right off the bat and then i checked your source and was RIGHT!! and those barbies are pretty much the coolest thing ever.


    • jesslynann says:

      Some of them are from that. I also follow a lot of blogs, steal things people post on Facebook, and when I am on a cool site, I click around on links to find other interesting things.


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