Hi, my name is Jesslyn, and I am a parking nerd.

Working here has made me a bit of a nerd.
Well, more of a nerd.
When I went home a few weeks ago, Papa was channel surfing and came across a show called Parking Wars. I made him stay on the channel and watch it with me. Though it was my vacation and I should have been relieved to be away from feeble excuses, enraged yelling, and attacks on personal virtue, I was enthralled. I provided my parents with commentary the whole show.
“Mom, someone said that exact same thing to me last week!”
“Gosh, I hate it when people think they can park in places like that!”
“Wow, that’s how much it costs to take a boot off in Philadelphia?”
After a while, my dad looked over at me. “Jesslyn, I think you need to find a new job. You are obsessed with parking.”
The next day, I went to class with Che because it was the only opportunity I had to spend time with him. As we walked around campus, I pestered him with all sorts of questions about parking at his university.
“Do you have to buy a parking pass? How much is it? How much parking is there? Where is the visitor’s lot? Do visitors have to pay? Are the parking officers students or full time officers? Have you applied to work there? You should work there, then we could be parking buddies! Do professors get to park for free? How many people go to this school? Is there enough parking for them? Do a lot of people drive to campus? How much are the tickets? Have you ever gotten a ticket? What do the tickets look like? Where is the parking office? Can we go visit it?”
“Stop. Do you hear yourself? It’s your vacation and you want to go visit another parking office?”
“Jess, you need a new job.”
I can’t help it. At night, I dream of parking lots, and tickets, and people yelling expletives. I see illegal parking wherever I go.
Thankfully, last week, I discovered that I am not the only person who sees this. As I came out of the grocery store, I noticed this note covering the license plate of a car parked in a handicapped spot.

No doubt, someone saw this illegal car and stuck this note on the bumper.
Would it be too much if I made some of these for myself?

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5 Responses to Hi, my name is Jesslyn, and I am a parking nerd.

  1. Rachel Dell says:

    oh gosh, i hate it when people park in disabled spaces. it happens a lot in utah. i’m going to blame entitlement: we’re righteous so we can break laws. i, for one, am glad you are in parking. i love hearing your stories. i have a coworker who double parks and then acts like it’s an insult when someone writes her a note asking her not to (her car is normal sized, it’s not a big deal to park normal). she even posted the note on facebook so that people could be as enraged as she was. i think people just realized that she was a double parker and didn’t really want to associate with her anymore. haha. yeah, you can’t make a comment to me about this on facebook because then she’d see it and know i talked about it. whoops!


  2. Katie says:

    My aunt was the one of the first meter maids and became their first supervisor in Portland Oregon in the 60’s. She enjoyed her job for over 25 years and retired at age 51 and now lives on the Columbia River in a wonderful home.
    So what I am saying is parking nerdism can be lucrative. Who knew?


  3. Sav says:

    That sign maker is my HERO.


  4. Danica says:

    I would LOVE to carry around a stack of those signs. And do you work at the BYU parking office? Do you know Treena Bolingbroke?!


  5. Kelli K says:

    Super nerd. But I still like you. How long have you worked at that office? Do you think you have a real passion for this career?


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