Royal Wedding

Did I wake up at 2:30 am last night to watch the wedding of the century?
Did I love it?
Did I fall asleep right after the vows were said?

Pokie’s dad is a Brit, and she and her mom are quite the royal followers. When she told me last night that our apartment was having a wedding party, I readily agreed. Thanks to BBC’s live internet streaming, we could enjoy the whole event from the comfort of our living room. The plan was to have tea and crumpets while we enjoyed the procession, but when it came down to it, we were too tired to make those, so we had orange juice and cook-’em-yourself Costco tortillas with honey. That’s still elegant…right?

I must say, I learned a lot about royal tradition. Did you know that all women guests have to wear hats? Or that the bride and groom don’t kiss when the ceremony is over? Or that Elton John continues to look weirder and weirder with age?

All of the hullaballo had ME wanting a royal wedding. Too bad Harry looks like a hobbit. I don’t want to live in Mordor for the rest of my life.

Missed the coverage? Here, I’ll give you the highlights:
The dress: classic.
The veil: elegant.
Her hair: perfect.
The groom: balding.
But, he’s royal, so we forgive him.

The bride arrives in a car, breaking centuries of royal tradition.

Kate's sister & Maid of Honor helps with the 2 metre train.

And here she is again with the flower girls and page boys (aren't those mini uniforms adorable?)

Look at her! Could she get more lovely?!

Kate's father walking her down the isle

The Vows.

During the readings, hymns, scriptures, etc. (This is where I fell asleep. I can only listen to so many psalms).

Officially Man (Prince of Wales) and Wife (Duchess of Cambridge)

Leaving via carriage (That's right, Bill. Cover that bald head).

Britain must really hold a grudge against the Father of the Groom. I only saw a quick glimpse of Charles and he wasn’t mentioned at all in the commentary.

But, let us not forget the Queen!

Doesn't she just look like a ray of sun?

Remember her own wedding?

Fred Astaire does:

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5 Responses to Royal Wedding

  1. Nookleerman says:

    Not to be a noodge, but it appears that in that very first picture there are 2 blondes with no hats. You know, that picture you posted right after you said that all the women had to wear hats? Wassupwidat?


  2. Rachel Dell says:

    yeah, he’s totally balding. which is sad because he USED to be really good looking. his teenage years were good to him. not so much on the 20’s. whatevs. he’s taken right. also, that dress. omygosh. i wish it was mine. no joke. and her sister looks like she was having her own wedding. stealing thunder, much?


  3. Mama San says:

    I told myself I wasn’t going to watch any wedding stuff… I watched HOURS of it in 1981 when Chuck and Di got married just two weeks after Dad and me. But then, something happened Friday morning– it started when there was nothing to watch at the gym in the morning but the wedding and snowballed from there. I was totally sucked in! I learned useful English things, like what a “fascinator” is from all the commentary. And– someday, I’ll learn to dance on the ceiling like Fred Astaire! 😉


  4. Leisa says:

    I loved the Royal Wedding. Didn’t think I would…but I did. And…what is wrong with a balding man????? Hmmmm???? I would love to wear hats!!!


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