Thrilling & Themed Thursday: Kitchen Stuffs Edition

Psych! I have been waiting to announce some big news, and was planning on saying it today, but alas, due to circumstances outside my control, I cannot. What, then, do you get, comrades? More internet sites! I have a running document full of all the cool/strange things I find, and I realized I have enough links to fuel Wild and Weird Wednesdays for at least a year. So, until I have something fabulous to write about/run out of sites, you get more. You lucky dogs, you. Shall we try a Thrilling and Themed Thursday? Yes, we shall!

If your mother told you never to play with your food, you should have asked for this so you could play with your dishes instead.

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

Have you ever thought, “Gee, I wish my toaster had a radio with it so I could jam out while I look for the strawberry jam”? Someone did.

A Butta Buddah. Ha.

All of the perks of facial hair…without actually having to have facial hair.

Now, you can have milk in a carton without having to look at pictures of missing children. That just puts a damper on breakfast.

If you are a little Monk-ish, there is no other way to have your hard boiled eggs.

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One Response to Thrilling & Themed Thursday: Kitchen Stuffs Edition

  1. Rachel Dell says:

    thanks for the more weird stuff! that milk carton is perfect. for reals. and the square eggs? what in the what? and i’ve never wanted a mustache more than those awesome mugs.


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