Wild and Weird Wednesday

Comrades, I have much to discuss with you. However, I just can’t muster up the energy to do it right now. So, you get more internet finds. My lazy way of blogging. Eez fun, though, right? Of course, right. So, now introducing “Wild and Weird Wednesday”, where I show you the fun, disgusting, or absurd things people spend their monies on. Ready? Go!:

These shoes. I want them. Don’t ask me why.

Also, these ones. Don’t they look so comfortable? At $159, I only have $158.97 to save until I can afford them.

I have a feeling that when (if) I graduate, I will be needing shirts like these.

Sav and I admit to sometimes chewing on our shared pens. Maybe we should just get these edible pens.

When you are too lazy to brush away your breakfast crumbs, don’t worry; I have you covered. Mini Robo will do it for you. You’ll never have to lift a finger again. WALL-E, here we come!

Perhaps an item better suited for your dog: bacon flavored toothpaste. If you are too busy to grab breakfast, your mouth will still feel like you’ve eaten. Great dieting technique, perhaps?

Lastly, a garden in a can. With my love for gardening but thimble sized apartment, I think I need this.

Ya’ll are already waiting for next Wednesday, am I right?!

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One Response to Wild and Weird Wednesday

  1. Rachel Dell says:

    blimey i hate these stupid monstrosities called computer. i was writing this awesome comment and then i pressed some buttons (apparently out of order) and it all went away. i swear!
    but your comments are working so let me know if that ever happens again. or i’ll let you know. either way.
    comments from me:
    1) those shoes are fierce (haha)
    2) i might need one of those shirts. *sigh*
    3)those pens are supposed to be my new best friend. i want one of each, please. don’t mind me, just eating my pen.
    4) bacon in toothpaste? really? that’s just gross.
    5) what the H (and by H i mean heck) is that? i don’t get it.
    6) i’m really ready for next wednesday’s edition. no pressure though.


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