Crash and Burn

That time of year has come again. The time when college students survive on 30 minutes of sleep a week. The time when every final paper and project you’ve known about all semester long suddenly creeps up behind you and grabs you in a headlock. The time when stretched budgets and bare cupboards drive students to live off the cans of soup and boxes of pasta that have been hiding in the back of the pantry since before they moved in (the time I lived off of Jell-O for an entire finals week is a story for another day). The time when professors hide in their offices, writing tests that they themselves couldn’t pass and laugh giddily while they do it. Yes, dear friends, finals week is upon us.

We all know that feeling. The five days  you’ve been dreading all semester are here and there is no where for you to hide. You know that no matter how hard you study for your Econ 110, or American Heritage 100, or Chem 105 final,  you have not a prayer of scrimping by with a C.

So, what does one do? You make it up and have fun doing it. Here are some great examples of how to make finals week as enjoyable as possible:

Unfortunately, I can’t say I haven’t ever done this before. But, as a future teacher, I’ll admit, I’d give students extra points for these.

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One Response to Crash and Burn

  1. Rachel Dell says:

    i now know who i want my kids to have as their teacher. it’ll be marvelous.

    oh and i once lived off of peanut butter and chocolate chips for like two weeks straight due to bare cupboards and going home syndrome. that’s not a lie.


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