We Are Family

I’ve been kind of obsessed with my family lately. I can’t help it; they’re just too awesome. All I want to do is be with them and talk to them and talk about them all the time.

In honor of my great family, here is something I love about each of them:

Papa: Never sings the right words to songs. It’s kind of amazing how quickly he can re-write lyrics as he sings and make them both witty and rhyming.

Mama: is all kinds of remarkable, but I love that she taught me to love reading. She has read more books than anyone I have ever met.

Jen: is a food scientist and I love to play this game with her where I look at the ingredient list on a food packaging and she tries to list them off by guessing what is in the food. Also, she makes kind of random foods sometimes, but they are always really, really good. I want her to cook for me always.

LaTiDo: is smart and interesting. I never fail to have an interesting conversation when I see him.

Ella: When she is angry, she sings out her emotions in a Will-Ferrell-In-“Elf” like style. “I’m feeling sad…so sad…I am sitting…behind the couch…all alone…because I am so saaaaaaaaaaad!”

Baby: He’s grown so much since I saw him last, but I loved that he looked like an old man in a little baby body. He frequently has this really reflective and serious look on his face like he is pondering the meaning of life, or if the chicken or the egg came first.

Dumples: Provides me with invaluable life advice like “Always assume they have a gun”, and “If your bladder is too full, you will go blind.”

Che: will play Beatles RockBand with me for as long as I want.

Sophie: I don’t have any younger siblings, so I only have the dog to tease. She is so patient with me.

[Our annual Christmas Eve dinner of fondue. None of us look at our best, but I think that’s what I like best about this picture.]

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