City on a Hill

I love BYU. I think it is the greatest college ever. And I love campus. I have so many hidden study spots and favorite buildings. I love that campus is clean and well maintained. It has, hands-down, the cleanest public bathrooms I’ve ever seen. There’s always grounds crews pruning trees or planting flowers. There are lots of trees and there’s a beautiful view of the mountains. Theoretically, BYU should have a beautiful campus. However, most building on campus are a sorry excuse for architecture. Case(s) in point:

The Spencer W. Kimball Tower:

Or as I like to call it, the Jenga building.

The Abraham Smoot Building:

Never fails to make me think of this:

[Who knew Pres. Samuelson was a Jedi?]

The Harris Fine Arts Center:

Makes me feel bad for all the MDT majors trapped inside:

The Marriot Center:

I think really looks like this:

One of the newer and prettier buildings on campus, the Joseph Fielding Smith Building:

Always make me afraid a CD will pop out of it:

To be fair, there are some really pretty buildings, too. My faves:

The Karl G. Maeser Building:

It always makes me feel patriotic:

I think we need a 20 foot Brigham Young statue to put in it:

And, probably my favorite building on campus:

I’m always looking for the Mona Lisa but haven’t found her yet.

Pyramid at Louvre Museum, Paris, France

What are your favorite buildings on campus? Any of them remind you of something crazy?

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One Response to City on a Hill

  1. Rachel Dell says:

    so i don’t stalk your blog just so you know…i’m bored at work and i have google reader so i see when you update and i like reading you and you make me laugh and…yeah. but thanks for the walking tour of campus. it is so true: we have a beautiful campus but weird looking (but pretty in their own right) buildings. maybe they’re just pretty to me because it’s where i went to school. ah sentiment…you strike again.


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