Ebony and Ivory

I think we all know that I am not terribly fond of my multicultural education class. The lectures are interesting enough, but I always leave at the end of class feeling guilty for being middle class and white.

The other day, we got an assignment to define ourselves culturally and ethnically and how that plays into our daily lives. Despite several emails to the teacher, I was very confused about what that meant and what was expected.

I decided to define myself through my hometown/culture, race, and gender. I thought I would put my bookbinding skills to work and make a small book as my project. Armed with construction paper and old National Geographic magazines, I got to work. For your reading enjoyment:

(I apologize for the grease stain from my lunch.)

(This chapter is kind of ridiculous, but since I was being graded on stereotyping myself, I thought I’d go all the way.

Actually, all of these chapters are ridiculous.)

(Rockin’ the Suburbs is a Ben Fold’s song about the woes of being male, middle class, and white.)

(Dear family, I apologize for representing you with NatGeo photos from the 70s!)

(BTW, those are really what my biceps look like.)

(This is the part where I ran out of things to say before I ran out of pages. That’s why I put in my daily schedule.)


(Yes, I have since realized that I left the ‘p’ out of ‘creepy’.)

With this project, I was determined to go above and beyond and wow the socks off my teacher. But somehow, the book ended up having much more sass than I intended (which was none, for the record). And, it turned out that she didn’t even look at my project. We only displayed them for classmates (who adored it, if I do say so myself).

But, perhaps it is better this way. Now that I think about it, I don’t think my professor would have appreciated it.

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