We Are the Sleepyheads

Last night, I could not, for the life of me, fall asleep. I usually fall asleep anytime I lay down, but my brain simply refused to sleep yesterday. And for some strange reason, my rare bouts of insomnia always come on Sunday nights. I must dread Mondays somewhere deep down inside of me. My night went something like this:

10:30-10:45: Get ready for bed.
10:45-11:00: Try to fall asleep.
11:00-11:30: Stare at the ceiling.
11:30-11:45: Lost somewhere between sleep and awake.
11:45-12:30: Toss and turn.
12:30-1:00: Start freezing. Turn electric blanket on low.
1:00-1:30: Start having hot flashes. Turn off blanket; open window.
1:30-1:35: Priscilla wakes up and asks me if everything is okay. There clearly must be something wrong with me if I can’t sleep.
1:35-1:45: Threaten my brain that I will take an entire bottle of NyQuil if it doesn’t fall asleep soon.
1:45-1:55: Change into shorts and snuggle up to the window.
2:00-2:30: Go into the living room, check my Facebook, read everything in my GoogleReader, register for Spring semester classes, check my grades, and send a few emails.
2:30-2:55: Do the dishes, clean the kitchen, fix the slipcovers on the couch, rearrange furniture, un-rearrange furniture, and write my grocery list.
2:55-3:05: Think of blog ideas. Reject all of them.
3:05-3:15: Grab a blanket and relocate to the couch.
3:15-3:45: Try to remember all of the fruits and vegetable names that I learned in Russian.
3:45-4:30: Mentally recite every scripture mastery, Article of Faith, and books in the Old and New Testament that I can remember.
4:30-5:00: Try not to think about my future and how I have no idea what I am doing with my life.
5:00-5:30: Have a weird dream about eloping.
5:40: My alarm to get up and go to the gym goes off. Ha. Fat chance.
5:40-6:40: Have several other strange dreams that I am trying to forget.
6:40: Alarm goes off. Snooze.
6:45: Push the snooze, again.
6:50: Finally wake up.

There is nothing worse than not sleeping, so if I see you today and am particularly grumpy, I apologize ahead of time.

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2 Responses to We Are the Sleepyheads

  1. Shelby says:

    AHH NO WAY!?!?! girl i was the SAMMMEEE way last night! total insomnia has returned. it was awful. we need another trip to get out and re-think. i vote every weekend to be the proper prescription for such a case.


  2. Rachel Dell says:

    i sadly know what this is like. way too much. i feel your pain. hopefully tonight will be better for you.


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