Hap__ Ha__ Birt___!

I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day, which is odd because I’ve always been single on it. I have fond memories of heart shaped pancakes and sandwiches gracing my plate on February 14th and my parents giving me gifts like Pride and Prejudice and Return to Me. In fact, I was quoted in my Junior year high school yearbook in saying that Valentine’s was my favorite holiday.

The real reason I adore it though is not for the Dove chocolates or pink teddy bears, but because it is my half birthday!

Maybe it’s because my birthday is in the summer and I never celebrated it with school friends,  or because midway through winter I need something to celebrate, but my half-birthday has long been a favorite anniversary of mine.

Yesterday was one of the best. I’ll admit, there were some low points of the day (I may have threatened to mail anthrax to the McKay School of Education in a fit of rage over (once again) failing an Excel test), but, for the first time ever, I got my very own Half Birthday Party.

Okay, that may be a lie. More like, I stole it. Borrowed it, if you will.

You see, it was Ford’s birthday so Bebe threw him a party. But, Ford came late and I used that opportunity to suggest that, since we had a cake and all, we should just turn it into a party for me. I’m a hopeless narcissist.

All the same, Ford did end up coming so we shared the party, but in proper order, I only stayed for half of it (it was only my half birthday, you know) and I got to party with these guys:

We’re fun.

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2 Responses to Hap__ Ha__ Birt___!

  1. jenni says:

    Happy Half B-day, dear.


  2. Mama San says:

    Did you get my “Half Birthday” card disguised as a Valentine’s Day card? Hpy Hl Brha! (that’s “Happy Half Birthday!”)! Love you!


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