The Road Less Parked

Believe it or not, I get frustrated with parking, too. I know what it is like to be running late, trying to find a spot, competing with other cars to wedge your way into the spot of a leaving car, and so on. I’ve been there. I have.

However, I pride myself on having the good sense to give up. When there are no readily available spots, I go to where there are spots and I walk. It’s why the good Lord blessed me with legs. Circling the lot won’t create more stalls. I promise you, it won’t.

Each week, I get at least two or three appeals that go something like this:

“I was running late for class and I just had to get there because I had a paper due/a quiz/a quiz worth 113% of my grade/my professor will eat my first child if I am tardy.  I circled the parking lot for 30 min/40 min/2 hours trying to find a spot and there were NONE. I eventually decided to park in a faculty stall/handicap stall/at the end of a row/on top of another car so I could park and get to class on time. You see, I really had no other choice. My grade/education/life/first child depended on it.”

Really? No other choice?

A) There are always spots by the Marriott Center, baseball diamond and football stadium. Always. Yes, you may have to walk but that walk will guaranteed be shorter than the 30 minutes you claimed you were scoping out the one parking lot you were in.

B) Since 80% of students live within walking distance to campus, leave that car at home and walk. It will also be shorter than that 30 minutes.

Maybe I am being too harsh. Maybe they are all just practicing for the first annual BYU Parking Classic:

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