I think my love for Russia may have originated with the movie, Anastasia. I watched it at a sleepover at Sunny’s house when I was 7 or 8 (we stayed up until midnight, and felt very grown up and rebellious) and fell in love. Then in a Happy Meal, I got a Rasputin toy with a button that, when pushed, would make all of his limbs fall off. I still don’t really get that, but I liked the toy.

Thirteen years later, the Romanovs (and consequently Grigori Rasputin) are still at the heart of my Russophilia. One of the my favorite excursions in St. Petersburg was visiting their gravesites at Peter and Paul’s Fortress. I never did make it to Moika Palace, the place where he was murdered, but that is top on my list for next time I go (I know that sounds very morbid. I apologize).

Rasputin has always fascinated me. His death alone is shrouded with mystery. I mean, the man survived being poisoned, shot, beaten, and being thrown into the frozen Neva River. He eventually drowned after being captured under the river’s ice ceiling.

I just discovered this song and it has become a new favorite. Pair it with Just Dance 2 and you have a recipe for awesome.

[Thank you, McKinley, for introducing this to me.]

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