My Someday Breakfast Nook

When I was a child, some of my favorite books were the Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle series. The books, written in the 1950s, introduced me to such home elements as chaise lounges and breakfast nooks, both of which I have wanted ever since. I have rarely seen a modern house that has a breakfast nook, but I think it is a room that should make a come-back. What sounds cozier than eating hot pancakes and cocoa in your breakfast nook on a cold snowy morning? Nothing. That’s what.

My breakfast nook will be snuggled in a corner just off the kitchen. Preferably, it will be round with windows on all sides because no self-respecting breakfast nook would be windowless. Despite the quaintness of a booth set up, mine will not be so. Booths have always made me feel boxed in and claustrophobic. Nonetheless, these are some classy booth examples:

But, here are some that are a little bit more my style:

[Okay, so I hate the drapes, but look at that window!]

You want one, too, now. Am I right? Am I right?


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3 Responses to My Someday Breakfast Nook

  1. Jeffrey S says:

    You have a good point. A cozy breakfast nook does scream class. I don’t think I want one though. I’m a much bigger fan of a kitchen with a spacious floor-plan and a friendly island right in the middle of it. That way, whoever is cooking or washing dishes or what-have-you, is still involved in the conversation of the people who are eating. Of course, the same idea makes me hate kitchens with walls that cut them off from the dining room and the living room, so you’re free to hate the idea.


  2. Katie says:

    But Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle’s house was upside down and the chandelier was on the floor and the table on the ceiling if I remember correctly. My mom read me these stories and I read them to mine. Especially liked it when she grew radishes in the boy’s ears who wouldn’t wash. I think I need to reread those and become a Mrs. PW myself! There is a name for me!


  3. Rachel Dell says:

    ya know instead of a snowy morning why don’t we think of a clear, beautiful spring morning. and yes i do want a breakfast nook. way to sell me on the idea 😉


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