To My Husband

My friend showed me a blog the other day called “To My Wife,” where this guy writes little notes to his future wife about what he wants from their marriage, what he doesn’t want, and what he is looking forward to about being married. Some of them were pretty funny and interesting, so I decided to write a few of my own:

  • Naming children is a team effort…unless you like weird ones.
  • Snuggling is my favorite. Can we make that a daily thing?
  • You’ll drive 98% of the time, right? Because I hate it, and frankly, I’m not that good at it, either.
  • I don’t mind vacuuming, cleaning, cooking, etc. But do it for me every now and then so I know you appreciate it.
  • Let’s set this straight from the beginning: NO TAYLOR SWIFT.
  • I want a dog named Walter, Eugene, Bartholomew, or Clarence. You choose.
  • You laugh at my jokes; I’ll laugh at yours. We’ll both think we’re funny, even when we’re not.
  • I won’t make you watch chick flicks with me as long as you don’t make me watch football with you.
  • Facial hair = no. If you want me to shave, you have to, too.
  • Naps. Daily.
  • I vow I will not be a bridezilla. I’m okay with eloping.
  • You won’t judge me when I sing Justin Beiber in the shower, right?
  • I like the cold. You like the heat. We’ll live somewhere with both.
  • Likewise, we don’t need to live too close to either of our families. As long as we see them.
  • Sometimes, you need space. Sometimes, I need space. That’s okay.
  • Promise me that we’ll have a special budget just for orange juice.

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3 Responses to To My Husband

  1. Hannah says:

    Okay, really Jesslyn?

    This is PERFECT AND ADORABLE AND I LOVE IT!!! This list is so cute that I would easily marry you.

    And thanks for my coming to my party. 🙂


  2. Hilary says:

    Haha, LOVE THIS. You’re so awesome.
    I want to use this idea, I’ll link back to you. Yours is funnier than mine will be anyway.


  3. Rachel Dell says:

    so what is the blog? i need to know.


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