I’m Hungary for Turkey

Today, I am teaching a class of 9-12 graders about Marxism. I am a little nervous to be teaching real, live chilluns all by my lonesome, but I think I have a fun lesson planned and I hope it will go well! As I was planning this lesson, I remembered a shirt I saw online a few years ago: Marx on My Shirt I was tempted to buy it long ago, and last night, I was wishing I had so I could wear it today. I have this unexplainable love of dumb t-shirts. I don’t actually have any, but sometimes, I peruse websites and find corny, punny, and just downright weird shirts. If anyone ever feels the urge to buy me a surprise gift, here are some of my recent favorites:

I'm Number 1GreeceForgot The SmallpoxI Can See RussiaHungary For TurkeyI Can See MexicoFree TibetCanada: America's HatAll The Single LadiesAnti-Clothes: Pinata's RevengeHungry HippoAmish: Don't Drink or DriveWWFSecedeVintage Vantage: ReservationsSouth KoreaCinco de MayoFacebook: Where Everybody Knows Your NamePragueCubaBurrn'd





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