Conjunction Junction, What’s your function?

At work, I read a lot of things that people write and I’ve begun to lose my faith in the American educational system. Some people’s grammar is horrendous. I will admit: I don’t know it all and I make mistakes frequently, both in writing and speaking. However, I think that when people read things I write, they can tell I at least passed the eighth grade.

Granted, as people are writing appeals, they are often writing very quickly and may not completely be focusing on sentence structure quality. Nonetheless, I judge people (both their right to be granted a void or fine reduction and their overall worth as a person) based on what they write on their appeals. Here are some atrocities that have crossed my desk only this very morning:

  • “I just registered my car this week and forgot to access it or registered it at BYU.”
  • “.and almost blocked the way. where as I was not.”
  • “The previous licence plate where in BYU record so I missed the fact that with new liscence plates I had to do it all our agaon.”
  • “…espetially at that period of the year.”
  • “Suprisingly, after I notice the citation.”
  • “Classes have been busy that I haven’t gotten it done before.”
  • “Most of the other cars parked n that lot are in the same situadion as I.”
  • “I am a teaching assistant and I had to take an exam (pending exam). I had the appointment and I was looking for a parking lote. and students were waiting foor me.”
  • “First of oll, I was parked on a legitimate parking area, but slightly out of it because of the excess of snow.”

Do these people realize that they make absolutely no sense? Maybe they didn’t watch enough of these as children:

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