Tis the Season

My Christmas break to-do list:

1)Exercise (almost) everyday (I mean, you shouldn’t be working out on Christmas. You should be stuffing your stomach full of Reeses and oranges, and watching new movies, and taking naps. And, considering that my family always has fondue for Christmas Eve dinner, I will need a day or two to recover).

2)Convince my brother to shave his weird new beard.  I despise facial hair.

3)Catch up on my last 4 months of journal writing.

4)Spend as much time with these kids as possible:

[Tell me you have never seen two such adorable children. You might try to say your nieces and nephews are cuter. You are wrong.]

5) Dye my hair brown? Wish me luck…

6) Finish my sketchbook. It’s not coming along so well, to be honest.

7)Wash my car, inside and out.

8)Convince Mother Nature to drop some snow in Colorado.

9)Take time to play the piano.

10)Conquer Beatles Rockband with Che.

11)Take (at least) a 2 hour nap everyday.

12)Organize my iTunes library.

Sounds beautiful, yes?

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One Response to Tis the Season

  1. Jenni says:

    These are all excellent goals, my dear. I also came home to find a bushy-faced brother. hehe p.s. I got another parking ticket the last day of finals. I was bummed.


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