And All Before 9am…

I’ve been at work for only an hour and what an hour it has been.

When I came in this morning, I realized that the printer, copier, and paper shredder all refused to turn on. I rolled up my sleeves and descended into the dusty depths beneath my desk (in a pencil skirt, mind you), and played with electrical wires and outlets until I found the root of the problem. I rearranged plugs and circuitry until I was able to successfully get all the appliances powered.

Not 5 minutes later, another situation arose. Harry printed out some letters to be send to appellants, but the sheets came out looking like they had been written in Turkish. Bewildered, I showed them to Harry and we discovered that the error originated in the Traffic computer program. I went to scan the letters to send to IT, and showed them to C., who was miraculously able to crack to code.

[We have a regular Robert Langdon on our hands!]

I returned to my desk, intent on putting my Soviet Russia skills to work and translating these secret letters. Well, they’re not all that secret, but I needed to figure out who they were supposed to be sent to, so I could prepare new letters for them.

So, maybe the morning wasn’t actually all that exciting. Still, I felt like Jack Donaghy. I’m Reaganing, everyone! I’m Reaganing! Only 22 hours to go…

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One Response to And All Before 9am…

  1. Louis says:

    If I loved you any more than I already do, my aorta would burst.


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