…And I want to be a paperback [binder]

Dear friends, I have a dilemma and I desperately need someone to tell me what to do.

Last night, I attended Pokie’s book binding final with her. I have been taking this class vicariously through her all semester and have even attended it a couple of times, as well. I think it is fascinating. She has been wanting me to meet her professor because he is the library’s preservationist and art/document restoration is my secret dream job (I think ever since I saw National Treasure). I also talked to one of the interns who works in the restoration lab. She had no experience in the field (like me) but happened upon the job by taking the book binding class. However, she is leaving next week to move to Morocco.

Doesn't this look fun?!

I know I am jumping way too far ahead in my mind, but I want to take this class, both for the class, and the opportunity it could provide to get my foot into the metaphorical document preservation door. Especially since one of the interns is leaving and might need a replacement…

I have a conflict, though. The book binding class would overlap with my already scheduled 2D design class. I am really excited to take 2D design, need to take it before I progress any further with my art classes, and am taking it with a girl that I met in my art class this semester. I have been looking forward to this class for a while.

So, do I take a class I need to take (not necessarily right now, though) or a class that I want to take that might help get me into document preservation??

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6 Responses to …And I want to be a paperback [binder]

  1. Lisa says:

    I don’t know have an answer for you right now, but you should come over to my house where I will make you something good. And we can discuss the pros and cons while watching a Christmas movie!


  2. When’s the next time you know that internship will be open!? I vote take the book binding class!


  3. Logan says:

    The bookbinding class is pretty much the best. Not just the best class mind you, the best of everything. I can even loan you my teflon bone folder. (An offer that is immensely gracious but not fully appreciated until you’ve taken the class.)


  4. Hilary says:

    BOOK BINDING. I probably have ten links sent to myself in my inbox of tutorials on book binding etc. I want to take this class with you whenever you take it, so let me know.


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