Top 5 – Places to Live

Remember how I like making top 5 lists? Here are the places I want to live someday:

1) Northern Virginia/Washington, D.C. – I have a state crush on Virginia. I can’t really explain why. I’ve always wanted to live on the East Coast and I suppose the nation’s capital seemed as good as any. I will probably never be able to afford living there on a teacher’s salary, but it is a nice dream.

2) Seattle, Washington – Maybe I’ve watched Sleepless in Seattle 15 too many times, but I’ve always wanted to live there. It doesn’t hurt that I love everyone I have ever met from Seattle, or even the state of Washington, for that matter. And I love rain. I would hate to live in a place that was hot and sunny all the time. Plus, you’ve got the mountains and hippy-ness of Boulder. And I love Boulder.

3) Boston, Massachusetts – The Cradle of Liberty! And again, the East Coast. I can’t help it. History, baked beans, chowder, great universities, cream pie, Cheers, great accents…what more could I want?

4) Chicago, Illinois – When I was younger, I watched this show set in Chicago called Early Edition. It was about this guy who got tomorrow’s newspaper a day early and he would go all over the city trying to fix the things that would go wrong that day. Ever since then, I’ve wanted to live there. Aaaand, think of all the great movies set in Chicago: Return to Me, Some Like it Hot, Ferris Buehler’s Day Off, The Fugitive, While You Were Sleeping…I’d be bound to have all sorts of adventures living there. Also, I might just think it would be cool to listen to Chicago while living in Chicago.

5) Somewhere in Colorado – I love Colorado, but it’s hard to say that I want to live there when I am a grown-up, real person because I have lived there for most of  my life. But I still just love it. Places I’d consider: Loveland, Boulder, Westminster, Nederland, Parker.

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