Back in the USSR

Finally, the long awaited Russian post:

If I had to rate the party, I’d give it an A-, maybe a B+. I spent the whole day in a frenzy trying to prepare. My pelmeni (a dumpling/ravioli sort of thing) ended up a terrible disaster so I scratched that part of the menu. The borscht (beet soup) was an all day project that may have been a terrible disaster, were it not for Pete. The man works wonders in a kitchen. He also became the designated blini (pancakes, very similar to crepes) flipper and kept me sane by managing the food situation through the night. I also had to continually explain that blini were Russian pancakes, and I wasn’t serving French crepes.



I decorated with my beloved propaganda posters:

Peace to the World!

Same Season, Different Weather

The People of the World Don't Want the Ravages of War to Happen Again

In Capitalist Countries, the Way of the Talented...In USSR, the Talented Go All the Way

DOWN With Kitchen Slavery!

[DOWN With Kitchen Slavery!!]

And pages from a calendar of Russian Cathedrals:

Saint Basil's

Sergiev Posad

[New Cathedral of Christ Our Savior]

And pictures of famous Russians:







In my opinion, though, the highlight of the night was “Pin the Mustache on the Communist.”

Also included, drinking games (with apple juice and root beer), Fiddler on the Roof and legit Russian music (Regina Spektor, mostly). Here are some highlights of the night:

[Pete, the blini master]

[A Ukrainian and Viking….?]

[Blini and Borscht]

[Shopkas, CCCP shirt (Russian for USSR), and borscht in a cup]

[Soviet propaganda book and two people REALLY good at looking Russian (the ones that look like a kulak just stole their goat)]

Don’t you wish you had come? I do.

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