The One With the Confused Guy

A man calls in and says he would like to appeal a ticket because it was issued in error. You see, the ticket was given for no BYU registration but the car was, indeed, registered under his wife’s name. When I looked into it, I saw that the car was registered to her, but she did not have parking privileges and the car was parked in a faculty lot.

When I told him this, he said that she was staff and should have had privileges. She should call into the parking office and get her privileges sorted out, said I.

“But, she’s not in the country. She doesn’t live here.”

“But, she is staff? Is she teaching on a study abroad?”

“I don’t know what she does. I just think she works for BYU. She’s not a citizen here, though.”

“Was she the one that parked the car?”

“I don’t know. I don’t have time for this.”

“Just so you know, even if she had privileges, you could not park the car in an A lot. Those privileges would extend only to her, not you. But, so we can get this worked out, how long will she be gone?”

“She’s coming back at the end of the year, I am pretty sure.”

“Well, if you would like to park that car, you need to take it off of her name, register it to you, and park in the G lots that you have privileges to.”

“So, I can’t park in A lots?”

“No, because  you don’t have privileges to them.”

“Well, I am parked there now. Do I have a ticket on my car now? Have the officers come by my lot yet?”

I’m sitting in an office, not next to your car. How on earth am I supposed to know that? And how am I supposed to know where you parked your car this morning?

“I don’t know. But I suggest move you car, and register it now so you don’t get another citation. “

“So, you don’t know why she doesn’t have privileges, you don’t know where the ticketing officers are, and you don’t know if I got a ticket this morning?! What do you know?”

“Not much, I guess.”

“You are useless. Goodbye.”

Thanks, sir. I appreciate the compliment. I don’t know if you had a big glass of vodka for breakfast, but I think  you are the one that is terribly confused.

And, to jump-start  your weekend, here’s some other people who can’t quite get their story straight:

PS: My schedule worked out beautifully. Next semester is going to be wonderful.

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One Response to The One With the Confused Guy

  1. Mary Thompson says:

    Ha!! Jess, this guy is on crack! I think he made up his “wife” and is just upset because he can’t figure out where he can and can’t park… what a jerk.


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