Rise and Shout, This Cougar Wants to Pout

There are few things that fill me with such anxiety and apprehension as registering for classes. On one hand, it is exciting to plan for new courses and refresh my boring day-to-day routine. However, I never seem to get the classes I need, the professors I want, or the sections I hope for.

In preparation for the upcoming winter semester, I looked up classes weeks before my registration date, planning the perfect schedule that would fit with work and help me progress towards graduation. My registration date arrived and I quickly got into most of the classes I wanted.


A week or so after I registered, I got an email from the History Department, congratulating me on my acceptance to the History Teaching major. However, acceptance was conditional on my taking the first official class of the program during winter semester.

Of course, this class had to be planned at the most inconvenient time. It is a block class, meaning it goes for only half of the semester, but meets for four hours a day. Right in the middle of the day. Not only did it interfere with work, but made taking any of the classes I had registered for impossible.

Thankfully, the class will only interrupt one hour of work for half of the semester and my boss was okay with that. But now, I must weather the storms of Route Y, scouring the horizon for any classes that will fit my schedule, preferably ones that I can use for my major, minor, or my remaining required religion credits. The search thus far has been fruitless.

Right now I am considering taking German 101 and 102 (an accelerated course), Doctrine and Covenants, Pearl of Great Price, Interior Design, 2-D Design, or Finnish in addition to the teaching class. No combination of these classes seems to fit quite right and I can’t seem to Tetris together a working schedule.

I think I am going to grey by the end of the week, dealing with this mess. On the bright side, that would mean I could go to my rest home earlier.

Does anyone out there have any suggestions, help, or hard liquor that could help me?


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One Response to Rise and Shout, This Cougar Wants to Pout

  1. Mama San says:

    I’m just wondering… when are you going to write “My Someday Rest Home”?


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