Do You Hear What I Hear?, Pt II

Okay, so we learned earlier this week that I might be a tad nosy. I can’t help it, though; sometimes things just fall into my lap. Like things I overhear.

As we walk to school, Pokie and I tend to overhear snippets of conversations and like to tell them to each other later. It’s become a bit of a past-time for us. There have also been times recently when I have been in a conversation and thought of what I passerby might think if all they heard was one sentence in the exchange. Here are some examples of late:

“He’s not going to want to give money to someone who is bloated.”

“Mozart was alive when the church was organized…right? I’m not sure but I am pretty sure.”

“…and then we’ll go the the Bahamas with our mamas in our pajamas.”

“I never broke your heart. You broke yourself.”

“We need a political Prozac!!!”

“Something about the gospel just makes me really sleepy.”

“Guys like fat and things that do weird things.”

“This guy killed his uncle, and his wife, and his son, and I was like ‘What are  you doing?'”


PS My roommates watched this video a few days ago and the song has been stuck in my head since. And now I wish to inflict the same upon you:

[Now you will hear what I hear.]

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3 Responses to Do You Hear What I Hear?, Pt II

  1. Savvy says:

    Item 1: Holy… if we’d seen that video as kidlets, we’d STILL be scarred. Amirite?
    Item 2: If ^ that is the Katie Derrick who’s married to T.J., that’s awesome. Because T.J. is awesome.


  2. Camille says:

    I just happened to come on here today and was so glad I did. You are hilarious.


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