My Someday Kitchen

This one is a hard one to write because there are SO many options when it comes to kitchens, but first off, I want space. I don’t need an enormous kitchen; I’m not that good of a cook. BUT, I want room to move around without tripping over myself. My current kitchen is about the size of a thimble and when the door to the dishwasher is open, the floor of the kitchen disappears.

Second,  I want lots of cupboards; clean, white cupboards like this:

to fill with beautiful dishes like this:

inside out bowlZinnia Thicket Salad PlatesMonochrome Mosaic Dinnerware Whizbang BowlsFleur De Lys Cup & SaucerBright Morning Teacups, AssortedInkwell & Argent Oval PlatterRussian Tea

I’ll decorate it with these:

Kremlin TrivetLa Boheme Triple Spoon RestTrumpeting Twosome ShakersNesting Doll DishtowelKremlin DishtowelLambent Sphere ChandelierPieces Of Yesterday Mirrorone of a kind, set of six various sizesThe Baker's Jar

And maybe find a way to incorporate this wallpaper:

Paeonia WallpaperEbony Lace WallpaperVineyard Critters Wallpaper

And I’ll bake these:

While wearing one of these:

Extra Ingredient ApronTea-And-Crumpets ApronStockholm Floral Apron

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One Response to My Someday Kitchen

  1. Sav says:

    Love everything! But especially…

    those ELEPHANTS!!!


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