Let’s Give Everybody Nice Sweaters and Teach Them How to Dance

Many of you have asked me what I was doing last Tuesday night.

Okay, nobody has asked me what I did last Tuesday night.

BUT, I will tell you anyway.


Fluffy and I drove to Salt Lake (in the snow, mind you). When we arrived on 2nd South, we noticed a huge line, several blocks long and curving around street corners.

“That’s not the line, right?” I asked.

“I hope not.”

We found decent parking, and walked to the end of the queue.

“Ingrid Michaelson?” we inquired.

“Yep,” said several line members.

Thirty minutes and several frost-bitten toes later, we had only moved about 10 yards. I remembered my friend, Wynonna, was also at the concert. I decided to kill two birds with one stone and see her while moving up in line. Around this time, they finally started letting people into the building and the line went considerably faster.

We entered the venue (cleverly called In The Venue) and settled ourselves in a spot in the middle of the room. I would have had a fantastic view were it not for the pole in front of my face. I tried to move so it would not be directly in my line of vision, but the flow of the crowd somehow kept pushing me back behind the pole.

The opening act, Guggenheim Grotto, was a duo of Irishmen. They were pretty entertaining and pretty good, one of the better opening acts I have seen. During their performance, I secured myself a place snuggled between three couples: the couple in front me was clearly on a first date, and the guy I recognized from one of my classes, although I couldn’t remember which one; the couple behind me talked the entire time and the girl kept making comments like, “They speak pretty good English, for it being their second language” (as if Irish was their native tongue).

The couple to my right squeezed between me and my group and promptly began attacking each other’s faces, er, I mean, kissing sweetly.  They stayed that way for almost the entire show. When they came up for air, the guy stood with his mouth open and his tongue hanging out. I watched him, trying to figure out what his face thought it was doing, but I never figured it out.

[Guggenheim Grotto]

After GG, there was a break while the tech guys got things ready for Ingrid and crew. During the break, the bouncers walked around, shouting that we needed to get closer together, to make more room for others coming in. The crowd smooshed me up against the kid from my class. We were so close that I am pretty sure I was nuzzling his shoulder. I would have moved but the crowd would not let me. At least I could see the stage, right?

Ingrid finally came on, and let me tell you, it was fantastic. She is very charismatic. Less than two minutes after she got on stage, I decided I wanted to be her best friend. She was funny, charming, and sincere.

However, not too long after she came one, I started fading. I still had my sweater, scarf, and coat on. We were packed tighter than a mini-van on summer vacation and it was starting to get hot. It was past my bedtime AND I hadn’t had a nap that day and the people around me were just so snuggly. I am pretty sure I fell asleep at least two times. Standing up.

Nonetheless, it was a great show. And when Lisa and I left, we were greeted by a winter wonderland. It was blizzarding outside and it was just the taste of winter I had been craving.

Best Ingrid Michealson in SLC show during a snowstorm I have ever been to.

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