Recent Business

1.) Here is the cake I made for my roommate Lissy’s birthday at the beginning of the month:

Okay, so it turned out a little lopsided, but I did like the design.

2.) I got home yesterday and my roommate, Alicia, told me that was having a 5-hour sale on trench-coats. I got this little number for only $18.00 although the retail value is $49.99:

3.) On Sunday morning, I decided to finally make my Cecil O.-lantern. Somehow this:

…turned into this:

His face caved in and I tried to save it by attaching it back with toothpicks to no avail.  What could have been a very convincing likeness of the BYU President’s face became a sad silhouette of a comb-over. I think it looks like Africa.

4.) As of now, this is my lineup for winter semester classes (wish me luck that I can get into all of the right sections!) : Russian Novels, Family Finance, 2-D Design, History 490 (where I write my capstone paper), and Doctrine and Covenants, Pt II (taught by Bott, my current Mission Prep teacher whom I adore).

I’m pretty excited for next semester.

5.) My ward has a book group and our first undertaking in War and Peace. My first Tolstoy. It’s been a bit of a trial so far, but if I can finish this, I can accomplish ANYTHING!

6.) I went to volunteer at the MTC last night and be taught by Lissy’s sister missionaries. Lissy very deliberately assigned me to a companionship of a Samoan and Russian sisters. Sister Tizjanina was fantastic and I loved her right away. She told me her conversion story and I was amazed at her faith and diligence. I have often taken the church for granted in my life but it is an immeasurable blessing. We had a wonderful discussion and I felt the Spirit very strongly. If you have the opportunity to volunteer there, DO IT. I am counting down the days until I can submit my papers (although it is quite far away).

7.) On the subject of Russia, my Russian party (co-hosted by my cool friend Lisa) is in a week from Saturday. Somehow, I feel like it will be a terrible failure: the food will be awful, it will be boring, no one will come, etc. But, if it fails in Hindenburg fashion, there’s nothing else I’d like to go down with me more than Russia.

8.) As I write this, the first snowfall of the season is making its grand entrance. Woo-hoo!

9.) Ingrid Michaelson tonight!

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One Response to Recent Business

  1. Lisa says:

    I’m offended you think our party will fail. I have never had a party fail. Of course, I’ve never had a Russian theme either…


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