Sister Wives

Am I the only one that really likes this show?

I don’t know why I am so into it, but I am.


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3 Responses to Sister Wives

  1. Courtney Roundy says:

    Ok, so normally you post every day. And its been three days since your last post.

    I’m going through withdrawls. I really need you to blog soon!


  2. Mama San says:

    Okay, I had never seen it, but my sister is sort of fascinated by it, so when they had a marathon last week and your dad was gone, I think i watched every episode while I sewed drapes. It is disturbingly fascinating. It’s like, they are so normal and so weird all at the same time. I kept thinking of my great great grandma who was a polygamist’s wife, and I just cannot picture myself living that lifestyle! Will I watch it again? Yes, when I’m the only one here!


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