Real Social Networking

Funny story of the day:

Actually starts last week. Wednesday, I think. A girl came into my work to appeal a ticket. We overheard the clerks at the front desk talking about Facebook. The girl asked me if I had seen the new movie, The Social Network, and I said no. Because I hadn’t.

We started talking about Facebook and the conversation progressed into talking about interpersonal relationships and dating.

So, she appealed her ticket and told me to keep her updated on my dating life if she ever came back into the office.

It just so happened that she came back in today. We recognized each other and started talking about our respective weekends. We talked for a good 15-20 minutes while she paid for her ticket. She told me about a date she had been on and how someone she was more interested in was hitting on her but she couldn’t flirt back.

“I just can’t love you right now!” she quoted herself (in her brain).

I bust out laughing.

I said, “I don’t know you, and you’re just some person that came into my work, but I want to be your friend.”

“Add me on Facebook! My name is —-.”

So, I did. And she stood there while I looked at her page and asked her questions about things on it.

And, I saw that she had a blog. We decided to blog-stalk each other.

And that is the story of how I creepily made a friend at work today.


I admit, with a desk job, I am on Facebook more than is healthy. But, I’m not a complete creeper. Don’t worry, Facebook friends.  Sav deleted her account today, and I admire her. I don’t have the strength to follow her lead, though.

(Remember when Facebook looked like this?)

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One Response to Real Social Networking

  1. Mama San says:

    Unrelated to your post — which is a very Jesslyn post — but Rhett looks like a cross between an Amish farmer and a preppie wannabee…


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