I haven’t dressed up for Halloween in years. I should though because it is one of my favorite holidays. Autumn, candy, dressing up, parties, walking around dark alleys at night, going to strangers’ houses: what’s not to love?

You see, though, now that I am past trick-or-treating age, I feel silly dressing up in elaborate costumes. I think something less flashy is more my style. I googled simple, creative Halloween costumes and this is what it yielded. I need votes on what I should be.

A Highway: Wear all black and stick white or yellow tape on your legs and chest to resemble lines in a road. Attach tiny cars and road signs onto your pants and shirt.

Nudist on Strike: Wear normal clothes and wear a sign around your neck that says “Nudist on Strike”.

Spelling Bee: Wear antennas. Attach felt or Velcro letters to your clothes and carry some around with you. Let people use the letters to spell words on your costume.

Smartie Pants: Attach rolls of Smarties to your pants.

Perfume Sales Girl: Dress in really nice clothes and lots of makeup. Carry around many samples of perfume and squirt people all day long.

Little White Lie: Pin small index cards to your clothes that say things like, “No, those pants don’t make you look fat”, “I already have plans”, “Your baby is so cute”, etc.

Liz Lemon: In all honesty, this wouldn’t be much of a costume. I think I already am Liz Lemon. But, it would be fun to be even more Liz Lemon-like for a day. And people who didn’t know me wouldn’t know I wasn’t really dressing up.

liz-lemon.png (158×161)

Looks a little bit too much like me, yes?

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