Someone Is Grounded…

Unlike C., I don’t write much about my opinions on parenting and what my future children will hopefully be like, and such. Don’t be decieved though; I have strong opinions.

Although I have all sorts of plans of how to mold my offspring into perfect little angels, let’s be honest: they’ll have me for a mother and that might make them a little bit whacked. What, with Soviet propaganda on the walls and my off-kilter sense of humor, they’ll be blessed to make it to 18 mentally stable.

My influence on my own future children might come back to haunt me someday. When I saw this video, I immediately pictured  my children pulling a stunt like this. Heaven help me.

(I apologize for the one swear word. I’m warning you ahead of time.)

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2 Responses to Someone Is Grounded…

  1. Leisa says:

    Now that was funny!!


  2. Lisa says:

    I might actually be proud if my child was clever enough to pull a stunt like this.


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