“It’s the principle!”

As I sit here, Sir This-Is-A-Joke is filling out a reappeal form.

He comes in today, wanting to meet with the appeals officer in person (although yesterday he said he was MUCH too busy to come back in ). I let him go in, he and Harry Wolf talk for a few minutes, and both come out of the my boss’s office, Sir TIAJ still arguing.

“So, you  mean I still have to pay this ticket?! This is a joke! There weren’t even any signs saying it was faculty parking.”

“Besides those several pictures I showed you of signs that say ‘FACULTY PARKING ONLY’? Well, the faculty stalls are painted with yellow paint and the student/graduate stalls are in white,” Harry replied.

“What, so I’m just supposed to look at the paint and know what that means?!”

“AND all of those signs I showed you.”

“I think this is ridiculous and…”

“I am done arguing with you. You are more than welcome to re-appeal if you choose.”

As my boss walks back into his office, TIAJ shouts after him, “I’m not so cheap that I don’t want to pay the ticket, but it is the principle of the thing!”

He fumes for a minute before walking up to my desk.

“So, what am I supposed to do now?”

“You can pay the appealed fine or you can re-appeal,” I say.

“Well, I don’t think that I should have to take time out of my day to fill out another form because you guys gave me dumb ticket.”

I shrug.

“Fine. Give me the form.”

While I was in the middle of writing the first sentence of this post, another guy comes in to appeal. I help him as TIAJ stands to the side and fills out his paper.

“Hey, can I appeal this?”

“Sure. Just to let you know, if you pay within the first 7 days of receiving the citation, this ticket will automatically be reduced to $10, even without appealing.”

“So, which should I do?”

“It’s really up to you. But, if you appeal, you can’t go back afterward and get the early pay amount if your ticket is reduced to, say, $15. ”

And then TIAJ chimes in. “Yeah! So, sometimes your ticket can get more expensive when you appeal. Since I appealed, I can’t get the $10 and now I have to pay more! I wish I had been told that before I appealed! It’s ridiculous. This place is a joke.”

HA! Sure as the blue jay is blue, I told him that yesterday. It’s part of my spiel. I say it to everyone that comes in. And with someone as, persnickety, as he was, I am absolutely sure I told him that. However, not being much of a confrontational person and not wanting to give him the pleasure of arguing with me, I keep my mouth shut.

He continues to bash our office, our policies, etc. Appellant #2 kind of looks at him like he’s had one too many Shirley Temples.

“Uh, yeah, I think I’ll just do the early pay. Ha ha, that’s what laziness gets  you. I just don’t feel like filling out a form.”

I write him a payment slip and he leaves. TIAJ finishes his form and hands it to me.

“So, when am I going to hear back about this?”

“Our re-appeals committee meets twice a month so you should be hearing from us in the next couple of weeks.”

“You mean to say, you work in this office and you don’t even know when the committee meets?! This is a joke! I wouldn’t care but it’s the principle of the matter!”

No, sir.

THIS is the principal.

[For you, children of the eighties and nineties]

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