“This is a joke!”

That is what the kind gentleman who came into see me today kept saying. And by kind, I mean not-so-kind. And by not-so-kind, I mean downright cantankerous.

You see, he had parked in faculty parking, which is located next to graduate student parking. Because he didn’t read the signs, he parked in faculty, rather than graduate, and was ticketed for parking where he didn’t have privileges.

Strike 1 : Read the signs, idiot.

When I told him our appeals officer, Harry Wolf, had gone home for the day (he leaves at 4pm), the man was very upset and said my boss must be pretty lazy if he doesn’t work ’til 5 like normal people.

Strike 2 : I like my boss, Harry.  He is one of the kindest people I know so I don’t look fondly on people who don’t know him criticizing him. Or really anyone criticizing him, for that matter.

He continued to argue with me about how the signage is unclear and he “better get this ticket voided because [he was NOT] going to pay for it if it didn’t.”

Strike 3 : The LAW says you WILL pay, thank you very much.

I finally told him he could come back and meet with the appeals officer in person tomorrow, if he so chose. He told me that it was inconsiderate of me to expect him to come back tomorrow and take time out of his day when he was already in our office now.

I convinced him to type out an appeal and the appeals officer would look at it tomorrow. All along, he kept saying, “This is a joke!”

No, sir. It’s not a joke. You know what is a joke though?

[What do you get when you cross and atheist, a dyslexic, and an insomniac? — Someone who stays up all night wondering if there really is a dog!]

That is a joke.

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5 Responses to “This is a joke!”

  1. Mama San says:

    You are awesome! I’m glad you can just politely stand up to idiots and other people!


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  3. Lisa says:

    This is great. I love cantankerous people who make life interesting, and who think they deserve all the breaks. And your joke deserves an A+.


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