Like a Biscuit

I am flaky.

I hate to admit it. Yet, this last week, I have been so terribly flaky that I can no longer deny it. I keep promising all sorts of people all sorts of things and I can’t keep them all straight. I have been stretched in so many different directions this week that I swear I have grown a foot. I absolutely HATE when people flake out on me, and I’ve always tried not to do it to other people.

I am going to try to learn to say no. If I can stop committing myself to so many things, hopefully I can stop flaking out on so many things.

So, this is my official apology to anyone I have forgotten, abandoned, neglected, or flaked out on this week. I am trying. Forgive me.

[That’s me, alright.]

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One Response to Like a Biscuit

  1. Mama San says:

    I have to say– you do look delicious in the above picture! So maybe flaky isn’t all bad…


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