Does Your Hair Hang Low?

Whenever I wear my hair down, people ask me if I have recently had it cut.

Without fail.

Do I wear my hair up so much that people don’t recognize my hair when it’s down?

. . . . .

And, on the topic of hair (and because I like pictures in my posts), here is a little present for your Monday morning.

[Dumples and I modeling my mother’s wig when she had cancer. Ten points if you can tell which one is me.]

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2 Responses to Does Your Hair Hang Low?

  1. Dan says:

    You are on the left.


  2. Mama San says:

    I look at those pictures and expect you two to burst into a rendition of “Let’s Get Together, Yeah, Yeah Yeah…” from the original “Parent Trap”. Which one of you is Susan and which one is Sharon? 😉


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