Climb Ev’ry Mountain

I did it.

I climbed Timp.

There were a couple of times I thought I was going to die. But I didn’t. And all in all, it really wasn’t so bad. I actually really liked it. We left at 2 a.m., and got to the summit about 20 minutes before sunrise. It was wonderful.

[I only had my phone to take pictures with. This does not do it justice.]

Unfortunately, we got lost a few times along the way, but we still made it in pretty good time. It was nice hiking in the dark because it was cool and you could never see how far down  you were/how far you had left to go. Also, we sang songs from the Sound of Music and talked about how it would stink to be the Von Trapps, wandering around the Alps, hiding from Nazi’s.

[This was me. Minus the apron.]

By the end, my calves and feet were pretty sore and I was stinking tired. Emphasis on the stink (Don’t worry. I showered when I got home).

I slept for 2 hours before I had to get up to go the the football game! It was pretty awesome.  I paid attention for about half of it (well, as much attention as I can give football), before my brain checked out. But, Steve Young and Elder Holland made appearances at halftime, so that was pretty cool. Oh, yeah, and we won. That was good, too.

Pokie made me pancakes for dinner and then I went to bed. And slept for an obscene amount of time. But, I had a good excuse, right?

My brother, Che, and I have been throwing around the idea of hiking Long’s Peak and now I feel ready to go. If only I can make it out to CO while the weather is still good.

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One Response to Climb Ev’ry Mountain

  1. Lisa says:

    Oh I am so so happy you came! Let’s hike more. We can even go snowshoeing this winter!


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