Football, Still-Lifes, and String Cheese

It’s been a day of miracles, my friends. Last night, I sadly discovered that somehow, my payment for my All-Sports Pass (including football tickets) didn’t go through and I was now ticketless, a mere 36 hours before the first football game of the season. I am not much of a football enthusiast, but I had a wonderful group of friends in my seating group and I have been anxiously awaiting the start of the season.

I went to bed dejected. A little bit after I went to bed, my roommates snuck in and laid down on my bed with me (they know that they are two of the chosen few who are allowed to wake me up). They said they had a surprise for me: Pokie’s friend had come over after I went to bed and heard them talking about how I didn’t have a ticket anymore. He said that his sister had decided to go to Arches this weekend and had a ticket she wasn’t using and that I could have it!

I was pretty happy. It’s just one game, but that is better than nothing, yes? Yes.

And then the most spectacular thing happened today.

In my art class, the teacher had us vote on each other’s homework assignments to see who did a good job with the assignment. One of my pictures got one vote, and the other one got four. I feel so successful. I can’t draw to save my life, but somehow, I convinced four people that I can charcoal out a decent still life (it was of a Kleenex box, a Medvedev matrushka doll, a flower, a pineapple, and a watermelon. Classy, right?). Maybe I won’t fail this class as miserably as I thought I would.

But, the day got even better from there. When my friend and coworker, Bebe, came into work today, I asked her to go to the vending machine to get me a string cheese (partly because I am lazy, but mostly because I have a strange aversion to vending machines since I quit my last job). She is a kind, kind soul and went for me. When she came back, she told me that she waited patiently behind the person in front of her who was taking a long time making up her mind. When the girl finally decided, she bought 2 string cheeses, but was vended 3. And she gave the extra one to Bebe. Who gave it to me. And now I’m eating it. With my Wheat Thins.

And now, only a few hours of work and a painfully boring Utah history class separate me from a three day weekend full of boating in Duchesne, hiking Timp, and my first BYU football game!

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