Save the Words!

I happened upon this website today.

As it says, “Today 90% of everything we write is communicated by only 7,000 words. You can change that. Help save the wordsIf not for yourself, then for future generations to come. Now, you may ask ‘What have future generations done for us lately?’ Well, not much. But one day they’ll be grateful.”

Forget PETA, WWF, or the Red Cross. This is a cause I can stand behind whole-heartedly.

Especially after recently reading 1984 with its NewSpeak, and The Phantom Tollbooth with King Azaz, I am more convinced than ever that words are worth saving.

So, go adopt a word, try your best to protect it from extirpation, and save this language we hold so close to our hearts. Spread the word…literally.  Play Scrabble, write a letter, graffiti a wall, get a tattoo, or rename your dog.

I adopted the words “alabandical” and “obacerate” — Aren’t they adorable? Tell me what words you adopt. Maybe we can set up some play-dates.

***If you are doubting the legitmacy of your word, check it with the omniscient Oxford English Dictionary.

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