Remind me why I have a gym membership?

My dad served his mission in Japan and Celtic and LaTiDo lived there for a year, so my family has a mild affinity for things Japanese.

A couple of years ago, we stumbled upon these YouTube videos.

My sister says this is exactly what Japanese TV is like, and that this is in all seriousness. Japanese people think that America is very crime-ridden and scary, and are often afraid to come here.

So, learn self-defense, English, and aerobics all in one!

It gets repetitive, but watch it all. It’s worth it.

The Original:

-Notes on this one:

May I just say, if I ever take up a life of crime, I will dress exactly like these men.

I think he was threatening her with a butter knife.

I am going to pull some of these moves out at my next dance party.

Gotta love Japanese cinematography and awkward armpit shots.

I like how the police officer starts out with a British accent.

Lastly, let’s hope these tourists are never robbed by one or three men. Or, Heaven forbid, a woman.

If  you think you can handle more:

(Your wrists will never be stronger).

The best (or maybe most awkward) for last:

(9-1-1 for diarrhea?).

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