This is why we have so many landfills.

I went grocery shopping yesterday.

I bought 10 items.

I left the store with 10 grocery bags.

This is a newly discovered pet peeve of mine. I buy friendly bananas. They won’t bite the grapes and granola bars; I promise. I usually repack my groceries when I get to my car and fit them all into 2 bags. I have so many grocery bags under my kitchen sink right now that I think I could start up my own grocery store.

In Russia, you had to either bring your own bag or buy one there. The plastic bags you could buy at the checkout were enormous and I could easily fit a week’s worth of groceries in a single bag. So simple; so easy.

I need to get on the eco-train and start using reusable bags. I will bring one or two and tell the bagger that my food has to fit it into only those bags or I will eat his children.

This is what I carry out of the store.

This is what I would like to carry.

Am I the only one that experiences this problem?

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2 Responses to This is why we have so many landfills.

  1. C. says:

    Get the reusable bags.


  2. kderrick says:

    Because I’m from Kentucky, i’m not as “ecofriendly” as you western and north-westerners are, but I do have to admit that this ALWAYS has bugged me. It bugs me so much that I even rebag my items at the store. I’m sure it ticks off the bagger, but it is ridiculous to put just 2 items in one bag and then move on to the next. Not to mention, nearly impossible to bring them all in with just one trip.


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